Coronation Poem

Background to the Coronation Poem

To mark the Coronation of King Charles III, I wrote a poem for the eve of the big day. Having written a Rutland Platinum Jubilee Poem and an East Midlands Tribute Poem to the late Queen, I felt that I had to move on to a national angle this time. Although I am by no means a BBC employee – as I made clear in the radio interview which preceded this recitation – I viewed the Coronation specifically from a BBC perspective, as if from the organisation’s standpoint.

The poem looks back on some of those BBC stars whom The King will have enjoyed over the years, before dwelling on his famous love of Spike Milligan and The Goon Show. In contrast to the earlier poems, this one is deliberately light-hearted, reflecting the upbeat mood in the country on the weekend of the Coronation and playing to His Majesty’s renowned sense of humour.

The poem was broadcast on BBC Radio Northampton.

Henry Dawe

Actor & Writer